Holiday Club

We run various Holiday Clubs each year.

Last summer we enjoyed 'Jungle' themed activities at the 'Jungle Jamboree' Holiday Club. This was our 20th year of childrens' holiday club fun!

Led by intrepid jungle explorers, Nick and Lynn, the week included craft activities, songs, games, puppets and competitions, all based on the theme of journeying through a tropical forest together with our favourite cuddly jungle animals.


Each morning we met in our 'Jungle Camps' with our adult Guide, to talk about the day ahead and remind each other of the Bible Memory Verse from the day before. Then we moved into our Exploration Teams for time 'On The Forest Floor', which included a puppet show, action songs and challenges, with team points being awarded, prizes given and an over all winning team declared at the end of each day.


Activities were provided for different age groups, The Monkeys (Year R to 1), The Jaguars, (Year 2 to 3) and the Crocodiles (Year 4 to 6). All enjoyed Jungle Crafts, where we made cards, jungle huts, vehicles, birds and snakes. Together we explored a story where we heard one of the Parable stories of Jesus, discussed its meaning and completed puzzle sheets. Everyone had their 'Jungle Rations' of squash and biscuits before returning to 'The Forest Floor' to finish off the morning.

During the week, the children explored how Christians believe God wants us to do what is right, even when it's easier to follow the crowd, that God loves us, even when we let him down, that Jesus is like a Good Shepherd who gave his life for the sheep and that we can be forgiven and become God's friends.

Activities culminated on Friday with a Holiday Club Finale and Family Lunch, when 120 hotdogs were consumed by children, parents and friends who stayed to join in the fun.

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