Get Involved

There are many areas that we would love you to get involved in, within the life of the church.

Why not sign up to serve on a team to help run our activities. Everything from making coffee, being part of our welcome team, leading worship, helping out with our youth work, or even keeping our building clean and tidy.  Most of what we do runs on volunteers for the benefit of all.  Here are some of the opportunities:

  • Making and serving coffee following our Sunday worship
  • Managing the building resources used by all different groups
  • Joining our Welcome Team
  • Helping in our Sunday morning CHAOS Club youth work
  • Planning to help run all sorts of events and activities on our premises
  • Volunteering as a Street Pastor engaging directly with people in need on the streets of Melton
  • Becoming involved with our community outreach team in the town centre
  • Be involved in our worship as part of the worship team
  • Joining the worship band
  • .... and many more.

If you would like to get involved in any of these areas or have another question about getting more involved in the life of the church, please contact the church admin team.