Meet the Team

Introducing Rev'd Sam Dunn ...

Sam has recently joined us as minister and now heads the Leadership Team. This is a new phase in the life of Melton Baptist Church and we trust God that He will bless our Christian walk together - He is doing new things....

Sam's ministry in Melton is only just beginning but on Sunday's he leads the Ministry Team who guide us during our worship gatherings.  We continue to be a self governing, open fellowship with some oversight given by the East Midlands Baptist Association. Together we look forward to new opportunities in the Lord and very much invite you to visit and worship with us as we journey together in God.

Rev Sam Dunn

Our Building

Judy & Team look after our building


We are fortunate to have a team of volunteers who look after and care for our building. Judy Beaumont is our main point of contact and is our building bookings coordinator.

Judy & Team look after our building

Our Team

Our Team

Our elected Leadership Team members are:

  • John Sharpe -  Community Chaplaincy
  • Richard Nichols -  Regional Representative
  • Andy Smallridge -  Worship & Administration
  • Paul Appleby -  Communications & Youth Contact
  • Angi Thomas -  Administrative Coordinator
  • Sue Jenkins -  Hospitality
  • Chris Larson
  • Alison Warner

Our Volunteer Operational Officers are:

  • Andrew Astington - Treasurer
  • Judy Beaumont - Building Coordinator
  • Carolyn Appleby -  Safeguarding Coordinator
  • June Brown -  Deputy Safeguarding Coordinator
  • John Gray -  Safeguarding Advocate
  • Helen Culy -  Safeguarding Advocate
  • Craig Richards - Maintenance Officer