What We Do

Our usual weekly church calendar includes many regular events. Some of the things we do are weekly and others monthly or even bi-monthly. Some special events take place and these are widely advertised in the church.

But these are the events that normally take place routinely.


Morning worship and CHAOS Club:
MMBC @ 10.00 am.
(A young children's creche is available)

Communion Services - part of our morning worship:
3rd Sunday of each month.

Singalong-On-Sunday - Monthly, every second Sunday:
MMBC @ 3.00 pm until 4.30 pm.

Prayer Cafe - Monthly, every 1st Sunday:
MMBC @ 6.30 pm.


Bethany Group - Monthly, every 2nd Monday:
Mowbray Court @ 2.15 pm.


Various Home Groups meet.

RockNite, Year 7-9 Youth Group:
MMBC @ 7.00 - 8.30 pm.


Various Home Groups meet.

Parents and Toddlers group:
MMBC @ 9.30 am.


Various House Groups meet except church meeting week.

Church Members Meeting - Monthly, every 3rd Thursday:
MMBC @ 7.45 pm.

Leaders meeting - Monthly, every 1st Thursday:
MMBC @ 7.45 pm.


Worship band practice for Sunday mornings.

Occasional Oasis group social evenings by arrangement.