Street Pastors is a national, and inter-denominational Church response to the night time culture in our cities. Street Pastors are there to act as a listening ear, and a helping hand, showing the love of Christ to the local community, who are often the worse for drink! All members are 18 years or older, committed to a Christian denomination for more than a year, recommended by their church minister/leader, and have undergone the training sessions required. The uniform is instantly recognised by all.

Street Pastors in Melton


It was pioneered in London in January 2003 by Rev Les Isaac, Director of the Ascension Trust, and has seen some remarkable results, including drops in crime in areas where teams have been working. There are now some 9000 trained volunteers in around 250 teams around the United Kingdom.

We have several members in this church who are involved: Ruth Johnson, Ray White and Dennis Bishop, and several others have been involved in the past. In a culture where Christianity is often portrayed in a negative light, this is a wonderful opportunity to redress the balance and show the love of Christ on the streets.

Interested? Telephone 01664 482132 or 01664 851168 or speak to team members in this church.

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