Coronavirus Updates

Updated: 2nd August 20

We continue to  government advice regarding social distancing and permission to re-open the church building.

This page contains the most current updates with guidance for our church family as provided by the Government and the Baptist Union.  The guidelines will help us as we begin to think of ways we can operate within the permissions that are issued.  They will be updated as the situation changes.

We are allowed to open our building for private contemplation and prayer.  But one thing that we are now obliged to do is to keep a list of of visitors to the church building so we can satisfy the NHS 'Track and Trace' rules.  This will apply to everyone who enters our building.

We have therefore a drawn up a special addendum to our Data Privacy Notice in order to comply with current General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that will inform you of our duty of care and how we will manage your contact details.

View and download the addendum to our Data Privacy Notice here.

Risk Assessments have been carried out and the building has been equipped with signage and posters to help us to observe appropriate social distancing measures. The Leaders have decided that, for the time being, our social distancing requirement is 2 metres.

In a recent government announcement, the wearing of face coverings for church visitors becomes mandatory from Saturday 8th August.  So while the church remains open for private prayer, after that date, all visitors to the church will be required to come wearing a face covering and wear it while in the building.  For church employees, wearing a mask is optional.

We have a set of rules and some guidance based on Government advice that will be helpful when you visit our building. These rules are current as from 3 July 2020.

View and download our rules and guidance notes here.

We thank you for your understanding and may God continue to bless you during this difficult time.